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Giampiero Ambrosi

The Balut Chronicles

Balut is a national staple of the Philippines. It’s fertilized duck egg.Here I take instruction from Franklin my Balut Master and the Balut Dancers!

Vinnie Jones Tried To Whack Me!

Soccer in LA and in the US is a very funny proposition all together. The best thing about it is that it is probably the most international and democratic pursuit you can do in the US. In LA, we play against clubs of immigrants from all over the world. Latino teams – mostly Mexican and […]

Giampiero Ambrosi Today Show

I Love Kathie Lee and Hoda

Over the last few years, I used to go on the Today show to talk about travel subjects. I’m not really a TV watcher and wasn’t familiar with the ladies, but I have to say, I found them really charming, professional and good at what they do. Sure it’s just chit chat, but that ain’t […]

Giampiero Ambrosi

My Traditional Cliff Jump

This is one of my favorite places on earth. It’s Le Colonne on the coast of Isola di San Pietro not far from Carloforte. It’s a huge cliff, I’d guess about 50 feet or so. Everytime I go to Sardegna, I try to get over here and jump. Everytime, it’s pretty nerve wracking. I’m not […]

World’s Greatest Dinner Spot

What a beautiful spot to have dinner. This is right at the first zig zag between Guitar Lake and Trail Crest. We stopped on a little ledge here for the night and had an amazing dinner and sunset. We got up at 2 am and hit the trail at 3am so that we could catch […]

The Tiniest Storm Trooper

I took this photo of my friend Marco’s son, Hayden. It’s funny because he’s always mad and in a bad mood. So yeah it’s a storm trooper who is a kid with diapers, but if you took the helmet off, it would still be a menacing character. My wife, couldn’t believe that I took this […]

Monkeys…Nature’s most delicious meat

Well, that’s one man’s opinion, anyway.