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Amelia And The Magic Glasses I recently wrote a children’s book which started as a bedtime story that I told my daughter when I learned that she would need to wear glasses. Through stories of pirates, undersea creatures, and mischievous monkeys, Amelia came to see her glasses not as a tiresome annoyance, but as a special treasure with magical […]


  My beloved Cavria – SEE THE NEW CAVRIA1890.COM SITE! Doss del Sabion, Madonna di Campiglio and the Dolomiti di Brenta in the view. This is the view from Cavria, our beloved historical chalet at about 1500meters above Carisolo. My great great grand father and brothers built this chalet in 1890 as a place to […]

Sierra High Route. Giampiero Ambrosi

Sierra High Route

Going 190 miles from King’s Canyon to Yosemite, the Sierra High Route is a wilder unmarked route that stays high and off the beaten path. More adventurous than the JMT, you’ll need sharper navigation skills and an adventurous spirit….here’s my burgeoning relationship with the Sierra High Route.

Giampiero Ambrosi Mount Whitney

John Muir Trail and Whitney Summit

In August 2013, my buddy Dennis and I decided to hike about 70 miles of the John Muir Trail (JMT), summit Mt. Whitney, and have a great time. It took some doing, but it was definitely one of the best hiking trips of my life.  Dennis was a trooper. He even carried a 1 liter […]

Grandview Trail To Horseshoe Mesa

Hike Date: March 28, 2014.  Since having a baby 4 months ago, I’m not really as able to take longer overnight hiking trips at the moment. Still that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a little adventure and fun. My wife, Denise and I have resolved to keep on traveling and keep on doing things […]

John Muir Trail Tips

Last Summer, I hiked about 70 Miles of the John Muir trail with my buddy Dennis Smith.  In preparation for the trip, I did a ton of research about the trail, the Sierras, trekking, gear and light hiking ethic.  There was a lot of information out there and it was sometimes hard to track down. […]

Giampiero Ambrosi

The Balut Chronicles

Balut is a national staple of the Philippines. It’s fertilized duck egg.Here I take instruction from Franklin my Balut Master and the Balut Dancers!