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  • The Soccer Story

    The Soccer Story

    That’s me back in my youthful days playing for Brown University – a little more in shape and with a few more locks of hair. As I recall, we were playing UConn in that game and they were ranked in the top 3 or 4 in the nation. I couldn’t remember much about that game, […]

  • VirtualTourist Interview

    VirtualTourist Interview

    Interview from 2013 From early 2000 until 2013, I helped to build VirtualTourist into one of the best, biggest and most pioneering sites on the web. I’m proud of my work at VT though it was definitely a roller coaster ride. Kind of the classic “guys in a garage” story. VirtualTourist was one of the […]

  • Cavria


    This is the view from Cavria, (SEE THE NEW WEBPAGE) our beloved historical chalet at about 1500meters above Carisolo in the Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta in the Dolomites of Italy. My great great grand father and brothers built this chalet in 1890 as a place to take animals to summer pasture. In the 50 and […]

  • Amelia and the Magic Glasses

    Amelia and the Magic Glasses

    Giampiero Ambrosi wrote Amelia and the Magic Glasses when he learned that his daughter would need to wear glasses. All profits from this book are donated to New Eyes for the Needy, an 85 year old organization that purchases new prescription eyeglasses through a voucher program for adults in the United States who cannot afford […]