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World’s Greatest Dinner Spot

What a beautiful spot to have dinner. This is right at the first zig zag between Guitar Lake and Trail Crest. We stopped on a little ledge here for the night and had an amazing dinner and sunset. We got up at 2 am and hit the trail at 3am so that we could catch […]

The Tiniest Storm Trooper

I took this photo of my friend Marco’s son, Hayden. It’s funny because he’s always mad and in a bad mood. So yeah it’s a storm trooper who is a kid with diapers, but if you took the helmet off, it would still be a menacing character. My wife, couldn’t believe that I took this […]

Monkeys…Nature’s most delicious meat

Well, that’s one man’s opinion, anyway.

That Word Bums Me Out…

Jack: “We are lovers.” Liz: “Uh. That word bums me out unless it’s between the words ‘meat’ and ‘pizza’”