Documentary Film

2022 Art Forgery Documentary

Investigative Art Forgery Documentary

Giampiero Ambrosi is producing a major feature documentary film about the art forgery scandal that hit Prince Charles and the Royal Collection at Dumfries House. The film is a quirky investigation into a notable art forgery scandal that was unraveled by Ambrosi and Academy Award nominated director, Kief Davidson. The film was financed by partners MRC Entertainment. MRC’s films have grossed more than $5.1 billion in worldwide box office and have been nominated for 12 Academy Awards®, 11 Golden Globe® Awards, and 2 GRAMMY Awards®. The studio’s series have been nominated for 94 Emmy® Awards and 11 Golden Globe ® Awards. The current slate includes “Ozark” on Netflix, “The Outsider” on HBO and “The Great” on Hulu.

Oak Grove Films

Oak Grove Films, Giampiero’s latest venture, is producing a major narrative non-fiction film about the art world. The film is due to be released later in 2022 and is directed by Academy Award® nominated director, Kief Davidson with partners MRC Entertainment.

In Tainted Blood, an NHK Special Program about the Spread of AIDS Through the Blood Supply

Previous Investigative Work and Field Production

Giampiero was the co-founder of documentary production company, News Media America, and is a veteran of investigative and hard news documentary. He has researched and field produced over 50 pieces for international TV.

Door Stepping An Angola State Prison Contractor

From groundbreaking stories about the spread of AIDS through the commercial blood supply, to the illegal patenting of human genes, to the expansion of Chinese soft power in the South Pacific. He was part of the team that was awarded the Prix Italia and the team that was nominated for the Galaxy Award.