Dusy Basin & Mount Columbine

2018-08-15 11.53.30

Recently visited Dusy Basin on a solo trip. While there I decided to explore the area around Isoceles Peak and Mount Columbine. When I got to the base, I decided I would give climbing Mt. Columbine a try. Very tricky picking a way through from the East side. I ended up with some Class 2 and 3 scrambling and emerged at an overhung summit. Incredible!  While on top, I was worried about how to get down, but managed to find a much easier way down (and up) than I had chosen. Oh well, live and learn. That’s what happens when you do something you weren’t planning on doing. A very challenging but incredible climb. Mt. Columbine is 12652 ft / 3856 m. Incredible views all around!

2018-08-15 12.20.37

2018-08-16 09.43.18

2018-08-15 10.21.44

2018-08-14 17.36.47

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