The Royal Stunt


An Investigative Art Forgery Documentary

Giampiero Ambrosi is a writer, investigative reporter, and producer of documentary films. He produced The Royal Stunt, a major feature documentary about the Prince Charles Royal Art Collection Scandal at Dumfries House. Based on an almost three year investigation by Ambrosi and Academy Award nominated director, Kief Davidson, the film is due to be released in early 2024 with partners MRC Entertainment, the leading independent entertainment studio behind some of the world’s most iconic, award-winning, and prestigious television series, films, and documentaries.

Giampiero says, “In 2019 art forger, Tony Tetro, showed me three photos he had secretly taken of curious document fragments – an art loan between eccentric purported billionaire, James Stunt and Prince Charles. Three years and a lot of undercover investigation later, we were able to unearth a massive art forgery scandal. Now, we’re almost ready to release our film, The Royal Stunt, with academy award nominated, director Kief Davidson, and partners MRC Entertainment, scored by Marco Beltrami and Dennis Smith. It’s a crazy story and a wild ride. Can’t wait to share more details soon.”


Giampiero is producing a new documentary series about the world of teen social media influencers for Netflix. He is directing a US/UK film about an adopted woman’s quest to find her birth mother. A slate of documentary projects are in development.

Ambrosi collaborates with director, Kief Davidson, at Decoy Productions, a Los Angeles based film and television production company devoted to creating elevated premium non-fiction and scripted content.

Oak Grove Films is Ambrosi’s documentary production company dedicated to premium, primarily investigative narrative non-fiction. Oak Grove was responsible for the production of The Royal Stunt and has a slate of projects currently in development.

Investigative Work & Production

Giampiero was the co-founder of documentary production company, News America Media, and is a veteran of investigative and hard news documentary. He has researched and field produced over 50 pieces for international TV.

From groundbreaking stories about the spread of AIDS through the commercial blood supply, to the illegal patenting of human genes, to the expansion of Chinese soft power in the South Pacific. Ambrosi was part of the team that was awarded the Prix Italia and part of the team that was nominated for the Galaxy Award.

In Tainted Blood, an NHK Special Program about the spread of AIDS through the blood supply
Door-stepping an Angola State Prison contractor