Giampiero Ambrosi Photo Courtesy of Mr. Peter Calvin

Giampiero Ambrosi is a writer, investigative journalist, and producer of documentary films. His latest work, The Royal Stunt, currently in production, is an offbeat investigation into the hidden world of art forgery with Academy Award Director, Kief Davidson and with partner MRC Entertainment. 

His recently co-authored book, Con/Artist, the memoir of world renowned art forgery Tony Tetro, will be published by Hachette in November of 2022.  

Giampiero is the founder of Oak Grove Films, and was the co-founder of documentary production company, News Media America. He is a veteran of investigative and hard news documentary. He has researched and field produced over 50 pieces for international TV. From groundbreaking stories about the spread of AIDS through the commercial blood supply, to the illegal patenting of human genes, to the expansion of Chinese soft power in the South Pacific. He was part of the team that was awarded the Prix Italia and the team that was nominated for the Galaxy Award.

Art Forgery Documentary 2022 – Giampiero Ambrosi

An avid traveler and adventurer, he helped start the pioneering travel site, VirtualTourist.com, where he served as Director of Content and Editorial. The company was acquired by TripAdvisor.

Giampiero spent his childhood between Kansas City, the Italian Alps, and Sardinia. He was a magna cum laude comparative literature graduate of Brown University where he was captain of the soccer team, a sport which has served as a guaranteed conversation ice breaker in taxi cabs and restaurants around the world.

One of his favorite  travel memories is winning the 2008 CEAT Indian AutoRickshaw Challenge from Chennai to Kanyakumari, an event dubbed “A Race for the Clinically Insane,” in which he, along with Konstantin Othmer and Meghan Harken, competed against 27 other teams from around the world.


Group Passport Photo With My Brothers
Group Passport Photo With My Brothers

Here he is pictured for his passport photo with his brothers in the, sadly now out of fashion, striped tie with plaid shirt combo. 

For those wondering, his name is pronounced something like Jom-pea-air-oh.