Los Olivos Cafe

Los Olivos Cafe



Bear Suit in Action

My wife Denise and I got married at a beautiful vineyard in the mountains of Malibu. We had a great time with our friends and family. There was a bit of whimsy – with a bear motif here and there, due to an inside joke.  There are great photos of our wedding at style me pretty.


With New Born Amelia

Our daughter Amelia Charlotte is not almost 12 weeks old. She’s a joy. Happy and healthy and full of personality.  We try to take her every where.

Rudy and Serge - Young Hikers

Rudy and Serge – Young Hikers

Here are my older brothers in early hiker mode. They don’t look like this anymore, but one of my brothers hikes with me pretty frequently. My other brother, I almost killed him hiking. He’s more of a conversationalist. We’re each a year apart, so growing up, we were always running around and tearing things up. You couldn’t keep us in the house. It’s sad to think that now you have to force kids to go outside and do stuff.  Amelia will DEFINITELY not be like that!


My Dad on a motorcyle at the entrance to Carisolo, his town.

My dad is from the high Alps in the Dolomites just under the Adamello Glacier. He gave us the love of the great outdoors. Mountains, glaciers, lake, trees. We used to go on some pretty serious tricky hikes when we were just little guys, but then again that’s just what people in the mountains do.  He mostly just walks around the neighborhoods every morning and picks flowers for his granddaughter.


My Mom in Sardinia

My Mom is from a small island off the coast of Sardinia. It’s an amazing place, and she’s pretty cool when she’s not trying to fatten my up like a Christmas Goose. Her favorite things to do are to garden, cook, and take care of her new granddaughter.

Michael and Alex at UCLA

Michael and Alex at UCLA

And here are my nephews. They’re both cool kids. Now they’re both at UCLA both interested in Neurobiology, Artificial Intelligence, and music.



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  1. Hi there ,Giampiero, I have seen pics and travel notes of yours here and there over the years when I am googling around for imfo on hiking the Dolomites … My grandfather is from Carisolo and I am wanting to do a hike from there and maybe somewhere around there staying in huts.. What do you recommend?.. I saw once you had photos of a hiking with a local Shepard.. ( that was what my grandfather was)that would be amazing… Is that possible for me to do?. I would stay maybe a week to 10 days in the area..Dreaming…. Regards kathie


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