News America Media

In 2017, my friend and former colleague, Yuichiro Ando, and I decided that it was time to get the band back together and re-start our company dedicated to the production of investigative documentary and news programs. Our new company is called News America Media – a name that harkens back to Ando’s original News America, where I first started working in documentaries.  News America Media is lead by Ando as Director and me as Producer. We’re an award winning team with a wide range of expertise in investigative reporting, documentaries, and news segments. We have partnered with NHK for over 25 years to complete a wide range of programs. Our NHK Special Programs include Galaxy Award Nominee “Get a Patent for Genes”, “Tainted Blood Went Overseas”, and the acclaimed “Planet of Life Series”. As a team, we have covered the Iraq war, Presidential elections, unfolding science and social issue stories, and hundreds of news segments.

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