Welcome, I’m Giampiero Ambrosi


Hi. That’s me, Giampiero Ambrosi, enjoying the view from Mt. Whitney the tallest mountain in the continental US. Before that I had a photo of me floating through the air and flapping my arms like a plucked chicken on a cliff jump in Sardegna. It’s one of my favorite places on the planet!

Cavria View

Cavria, Pinzolo, Madonna di Campiglio and the Dolomiti di Brenta

I’m a big fan of the outdoors. My background is as a writer and investigator, field producer, and producer of narrative non-fiction, and investigative documentary films . My new venture is Oak Grove Films. I was the General Manager and helped start the pioneering travel site, VirtualTourist.com. When we were acquired by TripAdvisor in 2008, I was a General Manager there. I spent a lot of my childhood shuttling between Kansas City, the Italian Alps, and Sardinia. Before VT, I created TravelAddict at DEN.net which was one of the internet’s first user-generated travel communities. I was a magna cum laude comparative literature graduate of Brown University where I was captain of the soccer team, a sport which has served as a guaranteed conversation ice breaker in taxi cabs and restaurants around the world.

For a while, I used to appear on NBC’s top-rated Today show as a travel expert. Kathy Lee and Hoda are my girls. I also really enjoyed Tori Spelling – believe it or not. I occasionally do other broadcast TV and radio programs and have been in various print and Internet articles including Forbes.com, the Boston Herald, Corriere della Sera, The Guardian, and Canada’s National Post, among others. I think one of my favorite  travel memories is winning the 2008 CEAT Indian AutoRickshaw Challenge from Chennai to Kanyakumari, an event dubbed “A Race for the Clinically Insane,” in which we (I with Konstantin Othmer and Meghan Harken) competed against 27 other teams from around the world.

*And for those wondering, my name is pronounced something like Jom-pea-air-oh.

Group Passport Photo With My Brothers

Group Passport Photo With My Brothers

Here I am in my early intrepid traveler mode with my brothers. I thought it was cool that we had a passport for the 3 of us. I fondly recall the space age TWA terminal at JFK. It was exotic and romantic to travel by plane in those days. ( I recently visited the TWA terminal at JFK, now recently reincarnated as a cool retro hotel.)

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  1. Laurie Kahn · · Reply

    Very Nice:)


    1. Thanks for stopping by…


  2. VirtualKate · · Reply

    Dude, when are we going to see some great stuff from your Great European Adventure?
    I’m waiting, damnit. :O)


  3. Giampiero, I fond you!!


  4. G, good to find you again. I miss VT and the crazy chats about how the text looked on the other side. Travel safely, my friend. Saludos.
    Seagull69@ VT.


    1. Nice to see you too! Hope you are flying high over tranquil seas!


  5. Hi Giampiero! I’m Chiara (Melone, I was pollon – in Genoa) how can I put in touch with you? Thanks and hugs!


  6. Ciao Chiara, you can use the contact form in the ‘about me’ 🙂


  7. Mark McLain · · Reply

    More hair then! I love you summitted the Whit! An old VT veteran -mtncorg. Ciao amigo!


    1. A blast from the past. What a pleasure to see you around. I remember you well. Hope your enjoying the mountains and life in general!


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